Our Mission

Empower | Envision | Emerge | Evolve

Our mission at Hunnied Financial is to empower entrepreneurs to envision their financial future, emerge as successful and sustainable business owners, and evolve the understanding of finance and tax strategy in order to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. We strive to provide comprehensive consulting services, knowledge, tools and resources to enable our clients to make the most of their financial planning and tax strategies. 

Our Values & Beliefs

 At Hunnied Financial, we are dedicated to creating a community of entrepreneurs who are confident, knowledgeable, and proactive in their financial management strategies. We believe that financial security and success begins with a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of financial planning and tax strategies. We strive to develop a culture of continuous improvement and learning, and to be a trusted partner to our clients, enabling them to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with confidence.

Our Vision

We envision a world where entrepreneurs have the tools and support they need to confidently navigate the complex world of tax planning, empowering them to make informed decisions that support the growth and sustainability of their businesses. Through our efforts to educate and empower entrepreneurs, we aim to create a new generation of successful business owners who emerge as leaders in their industries and continually evolve with the changing landscape of finance and taxation.


The problem we’re helping to solve

Our mission statement reflects a focus on helping entrepreneurs to not only succeed in the present, but also to shape the future by developing their full potential and making a positive impact on society. It also highlights the importance of empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their own success and to be proactive in driving change. Finally, it emphasizes the role of continuous learning and growth in helping entrepreneurs to thrive in an ever-changing world.  

When we empower entrepreneurs to envision their financial goals, emerge from financial uncertainty, and evolve their businesses through financial literacy education and resources, we can create a ripple effect that leads to a more innovative, dynamic, and equitable world.

Our Story


Alex & Jalesa are brand and business builders. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, they encountered a multitude of financial complexities throughout their years in operation.  Overwhelmed and frustrated by the paperwork, taxes, and accounting that came with running multiple businesses, the couple became motivated to take control of their finances. Not knowing where to turn for help, they decided to do research, enlist industry experts and create a business dedicated to helping other small business owners navigate their financial complexities and create streamlined and organized financial systems. They’re journey as entrepreneurs has allowed them to be of service to other businesses and assist them in reclaiming their financial futures.

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Are you an individual or a small business owner looking for a partner in navigating tax strategies and creating financial management systems that work for your business? Hunnied Financial can help!